what i’m listening to this week

The History Of Apple Pie – “Glitch”

Can you have a crush on a song?

Big Boi – “Lines” ft. A$AP Rocky and Phantogram

An unexpected collaboration, but it really does work..I admit I wasn’t crazy about the track at first but I seriously love this.  Now, can we get Outkast together again?

Angel Haze & Lunice – “Gimme That”

The fact that I will never be as cool as Angel Haze is will always upset me, but then I realize that NO ONE will ever be as cool as Angel Haze. So like, it’s fine.

Heart Ships – “Pinhole Of Light”

I heard this song in passing on Hypem a while ago, and somehow it’s made its way back into my life again and I’m pretty happy about it. I kind of feel like they’re the wacky, eccentric child of Modest Mouse and Arcade Fire.

Lana Del Rey – “American”

WHY have I found myself liking Lana Del Rey? I really wish this wasn’t the case, but I just have so many things to say about her! Sometimes when I’m listening to her I feel like I’m listening to music made from a person who makes necklaces out of people’s hair (do you know how many times she calls herself crazy?), and sometimes I feel like you’re at the part in a movie where you learn the backstory of the villain and you see that they’re really just sad souls, just like us! And then there’s the whole infantilizaton thing, which makes me believe that her albums are just compilations of Courtney Stodden’s tweets. Although “my pussy tastes like pepsi cola, my eyes are wide like cherry pies” may be my favorite line of hers just because of how ridiculous it is. Besides all of this, some songs are really just eerily gorgeous- one being “American”, which I think may be my favorite of hers.

Grounders – “Grand Prize Drawl”

These dudes definitely deserve (alliteration!) more attention. Loving this so hard.

MMOTHS – “For Her” ft. Young And Sick

Chester French – “Drop”

So it turns out Chester French is still alive? I’m glad though, because now this video exists.

Local Natives

Figured I’d throw in this teaser for Local Natives’ upcoming album because it honestly made my day. WHERE BROOKLYN/DA F TRAIN ATTTTT?


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