what i’m listening to this week

Jack Magma – Cat Gotcha Tongue?! 

Who are you, what is this, why do I like it so much? Perfect.

Wild Cub – Thunder Clatter

Lovelier Other -Leave This Behind

Department Of Eagles – Phantom Other 

On a Department Of Eagles kick at the moment.

Blonds – Time 

Love when a song comes up on shuffle that you haven’t heard in so long.. so good.

The Neighbourhood – Let It Go 

Obvvvvvs I feel that I am like, contractually obligated to enjoy this.. and I do, except it’s something we’ve all kind of heard already from them. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, since everything they’ve put out has been pretty great- but maybe I’m hoping for something that excites me the way that “Sweater Weather” did.  Looking forward to hearing the rest of the new material, though.

Hiva Oa – Urban

So pretty.

Laurel Collective – Cruel Thing

Can’t find another way to share the track, but this live performance does it justice. And, it’s in a barn!

Wild Swim – Echo

Chill BumpEponym


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