what i’m listening to this week

Eliza And The Bear- Upon The North

So happy that these guys have  gotten a ton of blog pickup since the last time I posted about them. I’m also toootally doing my I-told-you-so-dance right now..

Big Boi Ft. T.I. and Ludacris – In The A

True story: I may have more songs by Ludacris and T.I. on my iTunes than most people would probably expect. The collaborations on Big Boi’s new album are pretty fantastic, and this happens to be one of my favorites. Phantogram? On three songs? Yes, please. Kid Cudi? Yes. Wavves? Yes.  Kelly Rowland? What the hell, yes! And what’s great about them is that it’s not just that they’re featured on the songs, but you can clearly see how they’ve influenced them.  “She Hates Me” is totally a Cudi song. “Shoes For Running” has an obvious taste of Wavves. I think it’s kind of exciting to see how these sounds mix together. Anyway, speaking of Wavves..

Wavves – Sail To The Sun

The Babies – Baby

Wild Combination – Great Expectations

There is a baby in this video, therefore I like it.

Lucius – Ghosting (Freelance Whales )

Love love love this cover.

Colorama – Old Fashioned Girl

Starfucker – While I’m Alive

Springtime Carnivore – Last One To Know

This band name is kiiiinda awesomesauce.

St. Lucia – All Eyes On You (Pacific Air Remix)

Rihanna ft. Mikky Ekko – Stay

So I might have gone through Rihanna’s album in it’s entirety, and I might have come to the conclusion that it’s 95% terrible. But thank god for Mikky Ekko. This song is straight up beautiful.


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